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Sjælsø Nordic

🌿Sjælsø Nordic Upcycling: ✨Black Shelf✨ Made of ➕Original Brick Moulds➕ - Set of 2 📚🔨

🌿Sjælsø Nordic Upcycling: ✨Black Shelf✨ Made of ➕Original Brick Moulds➕ - Set of 2 📚🔨

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Discover the Sjælsø Nordic Upcycling Black Shelf: A Fusion of History and Creativity - Set of 2

⭐ Enhance your living space with these one-of-a-kind shelves crafted from authentic old brick moulds from India. The Sjælsø Nordic Upcycling Black Shelf is a symbol of innovation and repurposing, perfect for those who appreciate unique, story-telling decor.

Key Features:

  • 🏡 Authentic Upcycling: Each shelf is made from original brick moulds used in India's construction industry, giving you a piece of history in your home.

  • 🌿 Versatile Use: Showcase your creativity by using these shelves for various purposes - from displaying spices in your outdoor kitchen to creating a distinctive indoor decor arrangement.


  • Size: H60 cm, W30 cm, D15 cm (per shelf)

  • Color: Black with a beautifully patinated finish

  • Quantity: Set of 2 shelves

Fun Fact: Each brick mould used carries the stamp of the small business that originally used it, offering a glimpse into its fascinating history.

Add a touch of history and creativity to your home with the Sjælsø Nordic Upcycling Black Shelf Made of Original Brick Moulds - Set of 2. These shelves not only provide functional storage but also serve as unique, heritage decor pieces.