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Apeiron - Herbal Mouth Spray - All-Day Protection 🌿

Apeiron - Herbal Mouth Spray - All-Day Protection 🌿

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Apeiron🌿 Apeiron: Discover Natural Freshness with Herbal Mouth Spray 🍃

🌼 Are you in search of a convenient way to maintain fresh breath on the go? Look no further than our Apeiron Herbal Mouth Spray, carefully crafted with nourishing oils like peppermint, cloves, sage, and tea tree to provide you with long-lasting freshness. Made from ingredients sourced from certified organic farming, this mouth spray is your ticket to a revitalizing experience. 🍃🌟

🌍👜 Product Features:
1. Natural Freshness: Harnessing the power of nature's oils such as peppermint, cloves, sage, and tea tree, our Apeiron Herbal Mouth Spray delivers a burst of natural freshness to your breath.
🌱🌿 2. Convenient Travel Size: Designed to suit your busy lifestyle, our mouth spray is the perfect companion for your travels. Keep it in your purse or pocket for an instant breath revitalization.
🌿 3. Certified Organic Ingredients: We care about your well-being and the environment. That's why we source our ingredients from certified organic farming, ensuring a pure and eco-friendly product.🌿

- Aqua (Water) 💧
- Alcohol* (Organic Alcohol) 🌿
- Menthol ❄️
- Mentha viridis oil (Spearmint Oil) 🌿
- Mentha piperita oil* (Peppermint Oil) 🌱
- Salvia officinalis oil* (Sage Oil) 🌿
- Melaleuca alternifolia oil (Tea Tree Oil) 🍃
- Lavandula officinalis oil (Lavender Oil) 🌸
- Cinnamomum cassia oil (Cinnamon Oil) 🌿
- Eugenia caryophyllus oil (Clove Oil) 🌼
- Limonene (Naturally occurring in essential oils) 🍋
- Linalool (Naturally occurring in essential oils) 🌼
- Cinnamal (Naturally occurring in essential oils) 🍂
- Eugenol (Naturally occurring in essential oils) 🍃
*Ingredients sourced from certified organic farming. Naturally occurring in essential oils.🌱

🌿 Experience the invigorating and rejuvenating benefits of our Apeiron Herbal Mouth Spray. Say goodbye to bad breath and embrace long-lasting, natural freshness. Order yours today and enjoy the convenience of fresh breath wherever you go! [Watch our video on YouTube](